Mojito House, Latin Bar Restaurant, Latin Dance Club Niagara Falls, DJ and Live Music

Mojito House Bar & Restaurant
Niagara Falls, Ontario

Free Salsa and Bachata Dance Lesson, every Wednesday at 9 pm

Fee Beginner group dance lessons! No partner necessary, no previous experience needed! 
Learn to dance at Mojito House! 
Drop-ins are welcome!

Upcoming Events:

Valentine's Day 2018
Dinner & Dance Party!

Wednesday, Feb 14th

8 pm - 10 pm Dinner Time

9 pm - 11 pm
Free Salsa/Bachata Dance Lessons

11 pm - 1 am
Dance Party with DJ Music!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Upcoming Live Latin Music presentations:

Every Friday at 10 pm
For reservations call 

Niagara Falls Live Music

Who we are

Mojito House is an authentic Latin bar and restaurant offering some traditional Cuban and international fare as well as a variety of other freshly prepared appetizers and delicious dishes. Our very popular selection of Cuban Mojitos will surely enhance your dining experience. 

Feel welcomed to immerse yourself in a dining celebration by our friendly staff, our music and decor as when at Mojito House you're stepping into a true Latin American experience. You are not an outsider looking in as a tourist, you are encouraged to step into the Latin culture with fun dinner dance parties, excellent music and free dance lessons.
Make your next event special by having it catered at Mojito House. Unique in Niagara, come visit us... Dine & Dance at Mojito House Bar & Restaurant!
Mojito House Bar Restaurant Niagara Falls, Latin Food, Cuban food, Latin Dance Niagara Falls
Mojito House Bar Niagara Falls, Latin Food, Cuban food, Latin Dance Niagara Falls
Mojito House offers free wifi

Friendly, professional and welcoming customer service

Latin food, Niagara Falls, Mojito House

Mojito House Menu

Appetizers, salads, sandwiches and delicious main courses served with fries, yucca, plantain or salad. A unique selection of great dishes at reasonable prices. 

Open every Friday and Saturday from 8pm to close; Wednesday from 8pm to close. 
Mojito House Niagara Falls, Latin food

Enjoy a traditional Cuban Mojito, flavored Mojito, Cuba Libre and other popular cocktails and drinks. 

Latin Dance & Live Music

Whether you are a local resident or visiting Niagara Falls for the first time, if you like to Latin Dance, Mojito House Bar and Restaurant is the kind of place for you to stop by and have fun. You can find some of the best dancers in the city here.

There is a free Latin dance lesson every Wednesday evening by a qualified Latin dance instructor. Check it out and learn some new moves before hitting the dance floor on the weekend.
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Latin Bar Niagara Falls, Latin Club Niagara Falls, Latin Music Niagara Falls
Caesar, Bloody Mary, Mojito House Niagara Falls, Latin Club Niagara Falls, Salsa Club Niagara Falls
Latin Bar Niagara Falls, Latin Club Niagara Falls, Cuban Mojito House
Cuba Libre Niagara Falls, Latin Club Niagara Falls, Mojito House
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